The tournament will be played under FIFA Laws, with the following changes: 


All players must be listed on the final roster prior to the team’s first game.  They may check-in any time Saturday or Sunday, as long as their name appears on the roster prior to the first game.  When checking in, players must have valid player’s pass, issued by their sanctioning body.  Please allow 45 minutes for this process, during our busy times.


Uniforms, Balls

Team players must have identical jerseys, with clearly marked numbers.  The team listed first is the HOME team and changes jerseys if there is a color conflict.  Shin guards are required.  The home team is responsible for supplying a game ball.  The away team should have a ball available as a backup.

Game Time

Due to a tight schedule, games must begin on time.  Teams must be ready to check in 30 minutes prior to start of game.  Failure to do so could result in the loss of team points.  Any team that cannot field at least 7 players by game time will forfeit the match.  The only exception will be for a team coming from another match, on another field.   Additional time will not be added for injury, or other “out of play” time.  If a game is running late, referees will terminate a game 5 minutes prior to the next game time.


All games will be considered FINAL and NO PROTESTS allowed.


Good sportsmanship will prevail at all times.  Coaches/team reps are responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators.  If,  in the opinion of the referee or tournament committee,  the team is not under control,  the game will be terminated.

Alcoholic Beverages

Any alcoholic beverages must be purchased within the facility and consumed according to the rules of the facility. No outside beverages will be allowed.

Length of games
  • Preliminary games consist of two 30-minute halves.  Ties shall stand.
  • Semi Final and Runners-up games will be played until there is a winner, with  format:
  • Two 30 minute halves, or if still tied…   (some runners-up games may have 45 minute halves)
  • Two 5 minute overtime periods, golden goal wins, or if still tied…
  • Five penalty kicks, alternating, or if still tied…
  • One penalty kick alternating.
  • Championship games will be played until there is a winner,  with a format as follows:        
  • Two 45 minute halves, or if still tied…
  • Two 10 minute overtime periods, golden goal wins, or if still tied…
  • Five penalty kicks, alternating, or if still tied…
  • One penalty kick alternating.
Preliminary Game Points

Points will be awarded for each preliminary game according to the following schedule:

– 6 points for a win

– 3 points for a tie, to each team

– 0 points for a loss

– 1 bonus point for each goal scored (max 3 per game)

– 1 point for a shut-out

LOSS of 1 point for each three yellow cards issued to a team in one game (they do not have to be issued to the same player).

LOSS of 1 point for each red card issued to a team

  •      A team may accrue a maximum of 10 points per game.
    • 7 points will be awarded for a forfeited game (score of 1-0).
    • A 0-0 tie will be awarded 4 points per team
    • No points will be awarded if neither team can field at least seven players.
Tie Breaker Format

If a tie in points exists after all of the preliminary games have been played, it will be broken using the following criteria (in order):

  • How the teams did against each other if they played.
    • Team with the highest number of wins.
    • Team with the highest number of ties.
    • Team with the highest number of goals scored.
    • Team with the lowest number of goals scored against them.
    • Five penalty kicks, alternating… then one penalty kick, alternating

Championship Games

Championship bracketing will be determined by accumulated points from the preliminary games.  If a team fails to field at least seven players for a championship game, the game shall be declared a forfeit; and the team that does field at least seven players shall be declared the winner. 

Substitution Rules

Free unlimited substitution is allowed with referee approval at these times:

  • Prior to own team’s throw-in.
    • Prior to either team’s goal kick.
    • Following a goal by either team.
    • After an injury (injured player only).
    • After receiving a yellow card (carded player only).

If a player is ejected from a game, they will automatically be suspended for the remainder of the game and the following game.  Their conduct will be subject to review, by the tournament committee for further suspension.  Ejections for VIOLENT CONDUCT will be brought to the attention of the Tournament Committee, and will result in suspension for the remainder of the tournament.


Awards shall be given for first and second place teams in each division, following the championship game for that division.   The first place team wins free entry into the next higher division (or half off same division) in the following year’s tournament.

Inclement Weather

Safety is our number one concern. If the referee feels the conditions are unsafe, then they have the right to suspend the game. Any game suspended after half the game was completed, will be considered final if they are unable to finish the game within their time limit. All other games will be resumed once it is deemed safe to play


No slide tackling in recreational.

A goal scored by a female player is awarded two points, excluding penalty kicks, which always scores one point.

The goalkeeper may be either male or female.  The number of male field players may not exceed five (does not include goalkeeper).

Free kicks taken within the penalty box, against a female goalkeeper, must be taken by a female player.

Other Situations

Any situation not covered by these rules will be resolved by the tournament director.