Navigating to Bell Bank Park

If you are using a search to guide you to the park, ask to “Navigate to Bell Bank Park in Mesa AZ”. The navigation will take you to Ellsworth Rd and suggests you turn on E. Pecos Rd. DO NOT TURN on Pecos, instead make sure you turn on Williams Field Rd. There are signs that direct you to enter the park by turning on Williams Field and follow directions to the parking lot.

Park Costs

There is no cost for parking. There is no cost for players and coaches to enter the complex as long as they are wearing the wrist bands issued to them at check-in (see check-in notes below). There is a $5.00 per person fee for spectators. To expedite entry, spectators may purchase their entry in advance online.


We are currently planning on having team check in at Bell Bank Park on Friday 1-14-2022. We encourage all teams to check in on Friday. If the onsite restaurant is not open yet, we are working on having a beer garden set up for this. We will let you know more details of the Friday check in prior to that date.
• Every player must check in individually. We will use wrist bands to identify players that have checked in and are eligible to play. Wrist bands will only be issued to a player upon check-in. Players must be USASA affiliated to play in the Copper Cup and must provide proof of affiliation. Players who are not affiliated must purchase a tournament pass that provides 3 days of affiliation and insurance.
Types of acceptable proof are:
o Current affiliated organization player pass with photograph
o Current affiliated organization roster showing player with photograph (tournament team or regular team)
o Current affiliated organization registration AND a form of photo identification

Important Park Notes

NOTE: the park is still an active construction site so make sure you, your players and spectators follow all the directions and commands of the construction personnel.
There are going to be several events happening the weekend of the Copper Cup tournament. Because of this, we are suggesting that everyone plan to arrive at least 1 hour before the scheduled game time, and earlier if you do not take advantage of the Friday night check in.

Game Logistics

There are covered team benches on the players side and both teams will be on the same side. The home team will take the bench on the left side of the center line when you are facing the fields from the benches. Only players and coaches will be allowed on the players side, all other spectators and personnel must site on the opposite side of the field.
• We will have at least one trainer on site to handle taping and injuries. Note: if a major injury occurs that will require the player to be transported to a hospital, only the trainer will be allowed to call for the ambulance.
• NO outside food or drink other than water for the players will be allowed. Food and beverages will be available for purchase onsite.
• We are playing on turf fields. ALL GAMES will be played rain or shine.